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If you want a unique, powerful speaker that will make you look incredible AND get your audience fired up like you've never seen them, you might consider booking Ray Higdon to be a speaker at your next event. Ray is a master at reading an audience and delivering the perfect message based on what that audience needs.

Ray has fired up audiences of 100 to 10,000+ and can speak on a variety of topics, all with passion, enthusiasm and from a perspective of achieving some of the most sought after life goals from tough circumstances.

His speaking style is a mixture of fun and depth. His goal with any event is not just to motivate, but also to inspire people to take ACTION. Ray wants his trainings to be entertaining yet delivered with the purpose of impacting someone’s life directly. This means each person will leave with a solid action plan, not just good feelings.

Whether he’s selling or simply delivering value, Ray brings it home!

Some of Ray’s speaking topics include:
Top Earner Recruiting & Prospecting Strategies
Millionaire Mindset
Blogging & Lead Generation
Crafting Your Million Dollar Brand
How He Went From Foreclosure to Millionaire (Basic Business Principles)
The Perfect Presentation – How To Structure Your Perfect Pitch
How To Become A Top Earner In Your Home Business
Speaking/Selling From Stage
Leadership – Creating Other Leaders
Creating Your Vision – Monetize Your Passion
How To Get More Leads & Sales Online
Invest, Learn, Teach – "ILT Method" – How To Create A Following From Simply Teaching What You Learn
How To Get Unstuck & Launch Your Business Into Momentum
Ray has shared the stage with transformational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Eric Worre, Gary Vaynerchuck, and many more!
Want Ray Higdon To Speak At Your Next Event?
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– Vince Reed, CEO, My Internet Traffic Secrets

"It's no secret that Ray Higdon is great at a lot of things when it comes to business..."
"...But in my opinion he is in his element and at his best when he is speaking on stage. There are several things that make Ray great as a speaker. Ray never shares the same content twice, he interacts well with the audience and leaves the crowd with actionable steps they can take immediately. I highly recommend you having Ray Higdon as a featured speaker at your next live event."
"You are one of the most passionate speakers I have ever seen. I love watching, listening, and learning from you live. The way you captivate an audience and get your point across is incredible."  – Tim Mills
"Ray is honestly my favorite speaker because of the amount of passion that you feel when he speaks. He hits you in the core and it's awesome. Ray will change your life for sure!" 
– Gabriel Miguel
"Ray Higdon is the only expert we've asked to speak at our event 5 years in a row..."
Through the No Excuses Summit, we've literally attracted thousands of home business owners to our events over the past 6 years of its existence. 

We've always strived to make each event unique and different from year to year, with a new set of dynamic marketing experts and entrepreneurs every single year... with 1 exception. Ray Higdon is the only expert we've asked to speak at our event 5 years in a row,

- Ferny Ceballos, CMO, Elite Marketing Pro and Cofounder of the No Excuses Summit

Because of his unique ability to connect with our audience and train on practical marketing strategies, which can make a real impact in the businesses of our attendees.

Ray is the total package who can both connect and can back up his talk with real world business results and an ability to pass on his skills to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Thanks Ray, for all you've contributed to our community!"
Want Ray Higdon To Speak At Your Next Event?
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– Doug Kochenbach, Network Marketer

"I saw Ray speak in Louisville, KY and he has a dynamic stage presence..."
" ...and knows how to create instant rapport with his audience, and what I really liked about his talk and style is he gives it to you straight. He tells you upfront what it really takes to be successful, and lays out a game plan for those willing to do the work. His personal story of foreclosure to fortune would inspire anyone to realize that success starts with mindset and vision, and that it's possible to achieve your goals if you simply commit to a daily routine and allow the vision of who you want to become to pull you in the direction of your dreams." 
"Ray’s communication skills connecting with our team members was extraordinary"
"Saba had the opportunity to work with Ray Higdon over a 90 day period. Ray hosted weekly conference calls that were in my opinion the best training and coaching I’ve ever heard. Ray’s message was not what you always expected to hear, it was a different twist with a straight shooting honesty of how the business really works. Ray also provided scripts on how to prospect people, how to identify product users from business builders and an exact system to follow to maximize your success.
Ray’s communication skills connecting with our team members was extraordinary. I have seen members of our company use the method’s taught and have instant success with his ideas. I feel that Ray is the perfect balance for teaching people how to build a business both online and off line. On a personal note, and from someone who has been a part of this industry for over 35 years there was something that I learned and implemented for our company on every call that Ray did. After the 90 days we worked with Ray, we are now seeing increases in both recruiting and overall sales. If you want to see results, if you want to move the needle, I highly recommend Ray Higdon."

– Gary Hail, President & CEO AMS Health Sciences/ Saba

"Ray does an excellent job speaking live on stage for small & large events. I'm very impressed with how Ray engages & connects with the audience and that he always provides practical tips you can implement right away." – Lora Ulrich

– Jeff and Tyla Lusk, Tigerlily Creations LLC & Diva Defense LLC

"We had the honor (pleasure) of attending Ray's Top Earner Academy event."
"My husband Jeff and I were absolutely blown away by Rays expertise and raw honesty about his own fall and rise to the top. We felt like he was speaking directly to us about everything we needed to know about and so many things we had to learn. He opened our eyes about all the things people in our business just do not really do, but NEED to! Anyone wanting extreme growth, knowledge and amazing insight to grow your business or take your life to the next level would benefit from seeing him speak. We have, and are so grateful and excited for what the future holds for us and our companies. " 
"Ray was vital to the success of our event..."
"We just finished our Business Mastery event and Ray was our keynote speaker on both days. We had people from nine countries attend and Ray was a reason that many made the trip. Ray did not disappoint. Ray's technique is motivational but it is not based on hype. His real-life experience and straightforward approach was well received and made a true impact. Our event and speakers were frequently tagged on social media as this being one of the most impactful events in the history of our five year old company. Ray was vital to the success of our event.

– Jeffery Boyle, Ariix

"I was so taken in by Ray's ability to hold my attention and keep me on the edge of my seat just waiting to hear what he would say next. I've heard many speakers, but I really feel like Ray connected with me in a crowd of hundreds.
I wasn't the only one who felt that way."  
– Renee Olson
"I attended Top Earner Academy Livestream in real time. Here’s what I can say about Ray Higdon..."
"When he is on the stage all eyes and ears are glued to what awesome value is coming next. He has changed everything about how I build my Network Marketing Business and How I do Internet Marketing. He commands that stage like a seasoned professional and understands how to get across his training in a way that is easy to learn and digest. 

- Ron Deering, Entrepreneur

Want Ray Higdon To Speak At Your Next Event?
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– Dale Horton, The Ardent Network Marketer

"I have seen Ray Higdon, time and again, connect with his audience from the stage on a deep level..."
" help them tap into the underlying programming that holds them back. He has shown, by his own example, how one can overcome adversity to create a life of impact & contribution by continuously bringing value to the marketplace. He is a master at helping people to overcome their limiting beliefs while developing the skill-set & mindset they need to both
craft & realize their own vision. Most importantly, Ray is an exemplary human being who cares deeply about the success & wellbeing of his clients. I consider myself fortunate to have Ray as a mentor and I’m grateful for his friendship."
I saw Ray speak at the Top Earner academy and it totally changed my life. What I was lacking in my business was confidence and belief in myself. That is what Ray and Jessica gave me. After their training I was able to build my network marketing business and go full time with it. – Shalini Hurbon
"Ray is a great speaker because the entire audience felt his sincerity and heart felt trainings. He opened up to us and was vulnerable and that proved to us that he was real and it all came from the heart. He is obviously charismatic but more importantly he is caring, genuine and authentic."
– Maryellen Duchesne
"As a leading company in our specific industry..."
"...we hold annual events for our community... And I personally have made sure that Ray Higdon has been a featured speaker the last five years straight.

If you want to add an incredible amount of value and a professional speaker to your event line-up, Higdon is your guy. Your attendees will love him, and they will walk away better and more inspired than ever after. Ray rocks your stage, period!"

- Brian Fanale, MLSP CEO & Co-Founder

Want Ray Higdon To Speak At Your Next Event?
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Ray Higdon
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